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András, Ferkai: Modern buildings

András, Ferkai: Modern buildings

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So I decided not to worry about whoever might pick up my book, whether it is to be read by a fellow expert, a layperson, a Hungarian compatriot or a foreign visitor. 1 would simply choose the buildings that 1 am fond of. These are to be the ones 1 like either because 1 once grew up with them, walked the streets among them, maybe had first-hand knowledge from their designers, or simply because 1 believe them to be architecturally remarkable enough to deserve special attention. I would try to write about them in a way that having put down my book the reader should feel like setting out to have a closer look at this or that particular building on the spot. And if there was no opportunity for them to do so, at least they should learn something of interest about the architectural history of the period, the professional issues it raised and, most importantly of all, form an impression of the life that was lived in the streets and squares of the city and among the walls of its buildings. 1 could not possible be an eyewitness but 1 am still convinced that the 1930s was as much of a heyday in the history of Budapest as the Griinderzeit at the turn of the century or the Art Nouveau periods had been.


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Kiadási év: 2009

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