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John Taylor: Icon Painting

John Taylor: Icon Painting

Cikkszám : S0714819182
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Religious icon painting, the Christian art of Asia, Easter-Europe and Russia, dates from probably the mid-3rd centur,. John Tay/or describes how icons were made, examines their religious message and the forms in which it was cast, and explains the stories and symbolism behind all the great icons. Bút he alsó shows how icons had a secular importance fór the Holy Román Emperors by aiding their claims fór temporal power in the East and West.
The authoritative text takes intő account new research in art history. Eighty full-colour illustrations are comple-mented by tinted information panels providing specific reference to each major painting, its background and critical interpretations.
Among the icons in this book are paintings from Asia Minor, Constantinople, Crete, Central Greece and the Greek Islands, Moscow. Novaorod. and Salonica.

Phaidom Press 1979

Pages: 80

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