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Gizella, Szatmári: Walks in the Castle District

Gizella, Szatmári: Walks in the Castle District

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Pest and Buda (today’s Óbuda or Old Buda) were important settlements as early as the 11th century, but they were almost completely wiped out by the Mongol invasion of 1241. After the Mongols withdrew from the country, King Béla IV had a fortress built at the southern end of Castle Hill. Adjoining this was the burghers’ town proper, surrounded by walls studded with strong bastions and decorative turrets.
The walks described below take the visitor around the burgers’ town. The history of these buildings is, by and large, characteristic of the Castle District in general, in that they were raised on Gothic foundations dating back to the Middle Ages. As reminders of their earliest shape there are sections of walls, fragments of vaults, a window or door frame here and there, sedilia, and, of course in traces only, elements of wall-painting. Most of the buildings were destroyed, entirely or in part, during the siege of 1686, to be rebuilt in the 18th century in Baroque or Louis XVI style.


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