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Géza, Boros: Statue Park

Géza, Boros: Statue Park

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The teacher brings a stuffed hare into class. "So, what is this, children? Can you tell me? she asks. Deep silence. "Come on, now," she pleads, "what have we talking about the whole year?" "I know, Miss," says little Maurice raising his hand, it must be Comrade Lenin himself!"

The joke quoted above opens ’Lenin Garden’, an article published in the 5 July 1989 issue of the magazine Hitel, in which its author, the literary historian László Szörényi proposed for the first time that a statue park be established for the public sculptures of the communist era. The park, as Szörényi envisaged it, was no be located in Csepel, where all the Lenin statues were to be assembled for At Expo planned for 1995.


Oldalszám: 58

Kiadási év: 2002

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